Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I know I've said that Fall is my favorite season, but this year, spring may be a very close second. Call it global warming, but we really didn't have a very harsh winter, and for the first time in the 16 years here in Buffalo the first day of spring actually felt like spring!

I think that many people thing of spring as just preparation for summer. Of course, I started my spring cleaning and project list in anticipation of warmer days. However, I am making a personal effort be in this moment: hopeful, new, clean, and bright or unsure, rainy, waiting, and unripe.

I've completed my Pantry Purge, and I'm mostly done with an art  intensive ARTFix 2012 so of course I'm looking for some new projects.
I can barely wait until Easter, not only to make these yummy cookies again, but because we're going to have a visit from some of my cousins and their kids. I'm already loving day light savings time. Even if that first weeks is always a little jarring to the sleep schedules around here.  My son got his first two-wheeler for his birthday last fall, and now we can start to teach him to ride it.
Easter Treats

I took both of the kids to playground yesterday, to discover that even in just 6 months their abilities and confidence has soared.  They have booth started begging for the reopening of the sandbox, and maybe even stock up on some new *Sandbox toys.

I"m sure I'll be posting lots of back yard and playground pictures, and heck I may even paint the bathroom this year. Even if my post are a bit shorter. --- I'm headed outside.

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