Friday, February 10, 2012

Dinner (Now!): Vegetarian Fried Rice

You still have time to make this for Dinner has changed its name to Dinner(now!). Mostly because it's less typing for me. The idea is still the same: less than 5 ingredients, and less than 20 mins. of hands-on Cooking time. And this is a blog hop, see the links to other great vegetarian meals below!

Vegetarian* Fried Rice

I have to give credit for quick dinner recipe to my mom. She was the queen of healthy dinner for four in 20 mins. or less. While I complained plenty at the time, I see the wisdom in it now.  Fried riceis a quick treat that we used to have regularly, since I we got a rice cooker for Chirstmas, we do it once a week. It is so easy make a little extra rice, or even make some fresh, why not.

5 Ingredients:

Mostly Left-overs
Tonight I'm using about 2 cups of left over Rice, two kinds of left over mixed Veggies however I usually take the time to rip open a bag right from the freezer, if you go that route try the Asian mix, high heat oil, and 2 eggs. Quantities are all very flexible and I'll usually add an egg for each cup of rice. I like to be generous with the veggies for obvious reasons, I'd like to put a few shrimp but my son and husband and son don't really like them.

10 Minuets on the Stove:

1) Heat the oil, and scramble the eggs. We got this nifty Wok when we got married, but my dear mother just used a big fry pan or one of those avacat0 green electric things with the handles. scoop them out and set aside. *Protein from eggs could be substituted if you are vegan. @SandraKohlmann over at Vegan Mother Hubbard recommends finely crumbled firm tofu, just drain it and press the water out before crumbling. If you're family is of the meat eating type, my friend Alisa says, cook the left over chicken or shrimp before the eggs, and set aside as well.

2) Fry the rice. Add a bit more oil and if it's cold out of the fridge you may need to break it up a bit. Move it around the pan.

3) Veggies go in next. frozen may take a bit more time to heat up, so in that case put the top on for a few. I'd imagine that if you were adding some left over chicken peices, now's the time.

4) Last, return those eggs (or tofu, and meat) to the pan, as some soy sauce to taste, and sesame seed if you like.

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This even reheats well and actually the kids, (even my picky one) request it. It s pretty simple and surprisingly satisfying.


Sandra Kohlmann said...

This looks really good. I love fried rice, but haven't had it since going vegan. It's been a LONG time. I will definitely try it soon. I love recipes that rely on leftovers and are easy and flexible.

Thanks for taking part in the blog hop! Happy Monday!

Alisa said...

This is an absolute staple in our house as well. I usually sautée everything in toasted sesame oil, but recently got the Spectrum Asian oil and it is soooo good. Sometimes I throw in some shrimp or chicken. Sometimes some pineapple. Sometimes some raw cashews. Sometimes some basil. Sometimes I make a green curry sauce to top it off. Totally a go-to favorite that you can pretty much make when there is nothing left in the house. I usually cook the meat in the wok first, then remove it. Then cook the egg, then remove the egg, then sautée the onions and garlic, then add my "hard" veggies if I didn't cook them with the rice, then I throw everything back in with the rice.

Michelle | Green Earth Bazaar said...

Yum! I make veggie fried rice with leftover rice too. Sometimes I throw in some teriyaki sauce or some tikka masala - my family loves it.

Peace. ;)

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