Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall is my Favorite

I hate how so many people just seem to think spring is just prep for summer and fall is just a prep for winter. Fall is my favorite season. Not that I don't hate to see summer go, but fall has always been my favorite. Maybe it was because I loved going back to school. Maybe I just love penny loafers and chestnuts. We watch green trees turn gold then brown, and our backyard squirrel is so busy hiding nuts.

Let us just be here in this moment.

 Summer is nice, but somehow I feel like there is just so much pressure to have a good time, and get stuff done. Soon the harvest will be in, the festivals to enjoy. (Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday: all eating - no shopping!)

Yes the days are getting short, and the cold rain wants to get into my bones. But that also means I can invite someone over in the evening just for warmth and tea. Fall I love you!
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