Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick Day

Could someone tuck me like this?
Today I had a plan, it did not include being sick. I wanted do laundry, work on my paintings, I was going to do a great pantry purge post. Instead, I spent the day horizontally, while my children watched more TV in one day than they usually see in a month. So much for media-free kids.

Fortunately, my husband fed the kids, and even came home from his day-job for lunch. He had to go back to work, but promises to be home for bed time. I don't really feel like I got a sick day. Not as all like when my husband is home sick, door closed, children quieted, occasional trays of tea and crackers. I hate being sick on weekend because I feel like I'm wasting my time I could be spending with my husband , and I hate being sick during the week because I can't really just sack-out the way I'd want to.

Hey, maybe I just hate to be sick. I did get to catch up on reading my twitter feed.  I guess there's the positive.

How do you recuperate, especially when there are the needs of little ones? Its not like I can call in sick or anything.
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