Monday, June 27, 2011


from my local Wegmans

I've been making my own laundry soap. Some combination of sensitive skin and noses in my family means we are very picky about laundry soap. But I never really added it up, as it turns out: $9.36 = FOUR MONTHS of laundry for four with cloth diapers. Click here to visit Kelly's Closet for more about cloth diapers and diaper care.

Our old liquid cost $8-$11 for about 3 weeks worth and DIY means no plastic containers to throw out.

(from my friend Cynthia)

2c washing soda
2c borax
1/3 - 1/2  grated bar of soap (I use Fels-Naptha)

Mix together and use 1 tablespoon per load (yep, that's all 1 tablespoon)

Here's the recipe for liquid in the past but I prefer the powdered just because the prep is easier:

1/2 - 1  grated bar of fels naptha soao

2 cups borax

2 cups washing soda

3.5 gallons of water

Melt grated soap in a pot with about half a gallon of water.....stir until dissolved. Pour into a 5 gallon bucket (or recycle a cat little bucket with lid)

Add borax and washing soda and stir until dissolved. Add the other 3 gallons of water and stir. Once it cools it will look like a white lumpy gel.

Use 1/4 cup per regular load and up to 1/2 cup for extra large loads. It's safe in all washing machines.

One batch costs roughly $3.20 to make and lasts about 6-7 months.

I understand that you can add a few drops of essential oils if you feel like having a fragrance.

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Jessica Gottlieb said...

can you use this on a HE front loading washer?

Kisha said...

I have the luck of two washing machines going side by side, a front loader (came with the house) & a top loader (we brought with us for diapers). Works great in both.

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