Friday, February 24, 2012

Pantry Purge: Tip #2: Make A Plan.

Week 1 (Feb. 19-26): Start by stopping (buying things at the store blindly)

We're going to continue our theme this week with our next tip!

Pantry Purge Tip #2

Make a Weekly Meal Plan. It seems like common sense but I often try to skip making a plan.  When I do I find my self flustered in the grocery store, and flummoxed at 4:30. A plan saves time, a plan saves energy, a plan will help you used the things you already have in the pantry!  It doesn't have to be elaborate (mine is hand drawn on graph paper and photocopied 5 or 6 at a time. The most important line is the activities line. Your not going to spend 4 hours roasting and basting on an evening when you've got swim lessons and book club. Stand in the kitchen or pantry while you're making this list. Try to start with things that you already have.

First scribble in a Meatless Monday, and perhaps fish on Friday, of course some thing from the Dinner (now!) series for those completely over scheduled days. Then your only left with four days to plan. I like to get the kids and the husband involved. They each have a favorite and even if my Princess-A always suggest pasta, its only once in the week and its easy to accommodate her. Before you know it you've got a plan. I keep the sheets from week to week.  heck sometimes I just reuse a previous week's plan in a pinch  Here is a great example of a vegan meal plan for a healthy week of very interesting and tasty food from The Simple Boxcar. She's even linked to recipes!

My Pantry Purge Progress

Get a one here
I completely didn't make a plan this week! yikes! I wasn't planning on a big shopping trip, so I though I could skip it. It was a bit of a mistake. Especially as we're going through this purge, there was a little bit of dinner panic over here. We survived but I won't be doing that experiment again for a long, long time! What's on your meal plan for this week!

Here's a link to my meal plan sheet: please print & share!
Weekly Meal Plan


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