Friday, June 15, 2012

Springing thru Spring

There just hasn't been any time to post in the last month. Not to mention that laptop with a few of my planned post is currently --DEAD--.  It is so so so sad. We've also been so busy in the last couple of weeks of spring. Of course we had Princes A's 3rd Birthday Party, and it was about the most fun fishy party anyone could have. I also had the opportunity to show paintings in the local Sp@ce 224 Gallery. I signed up to take a section of the Architecture Record Exam, so if you see me out at of coffee shop with my nose in a text book, you know why. There was also poetry workshops, an Architecture for Humanity Chapter here in Buffalo, the continued process of moving into our house, getting the yard ready for warm weather. Did I mention knitting, painting, and a genuine job hunt on my part? How is it that I am typing this right now? 

Did I mention that the our dear 3 year old as almost entirely given up naps?  When people ask, "how have you been?"  I nearly always answer, "busy, very busy."  I've only recently come to realize that I'm not complaining. I actually like being busy.  I've learned that I do need breaks from time to time, but active and engaged with my family, friends and community is my bliss. You'd also have a hard time getting me to ever stop painting again. It's only possible because there are things that I know I may never get around to, and I've nearly accepted this in my life, nearly.

I like to take on projects and challenges for myself, I'm happiest that way. Things won't really quiet down over the summer, and K-Dog is starting "real" school in the fall. I'm kind of looking forward to the excitement. More post on all of our goings on are to come. Are you anything like me, do you find that you like being busy?
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