Sunday, September 13, 2009



I will never be a good speller. Anyone who has known me long enough
to see any of my writing knows that I have never been and will likely
never be a good speller. I nearly had strait A's in 5th grade but I
got a D in spelling. With the aid of computers and a phalanx of
trusted editors I really try to produce readible prose, at least. But
I have accepted this about myself, you will just have to forgive me.

I don't send greeting cards. If you have gotten a hallmark from me
consider yourself in the lucky few. I really do mean well, and even
have a drawer full of blank, birthday, thank you and holiday cards. I
probably bought one for you, but as the apointed time slipped away,
and the event faded into the past, I just felt more and more guilty
about not sending it on time. Ultimately, I just decided to send it
next year because who wants a three month late birthday card anyway. I
do feel really bad about not sending thank you notes, because I do
really appreciate the gifts given to me and my family. Just so you
know I even addressed and stamped the ones for my wedding gifts,
however postage has gone up since then. Thankyou's are particularly
hard for me because they require a little hand writen note, and this
tends to reveal my spelling difficulty. I hereby accept this personal
failing and will stop waisting money on un-sent cards.

As much as I love art, and I live to make beautiful and useful things,
I will never pen a "kids craft" blog, nor pull-off a 100% handmade
Christmas. My craft drawers are full of felt and glitter and I have a
new sewing machine. But for each completed project there are ten half-
knit scarves, un-hemmed curtains, un-ironed iron on, patterns, fabric,
buttons, paper, string and even an embrotery hoop. Who am I kidding?
I do like to try these projects but I don't really have the free time
or attention to detail. I have accepted this about myself. I do still
like to do my little projects but from now on I will enjoy the tatting
away in it's own right because I may never have a whole doylie ever

So I will accept these things about me, and stop feeling guilty about
them. If one birthday or hoiday you actually get a hand knitt scarf
with a personal hand written letter from me ... DO NOT send me a
thankyou note, it will just make me feel bad because I'll never sent

Imperfect Kisha

Kisha Lynn Patterson-Tanski
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