Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4 Years in the Life of My Blog

I started this blog 4 years ago today, with this lame post. (Please don't go looking at it, its survived thus far with only one viewing thus far, and that was probably me.)

A lot has changed in that time, even the name of this blog. For the life of me, I cannot remember of what the original name was. I've even redesign and renovated it few times, the latest being over this winter when I participated in the SITS Girls 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. In just the last year I've done photo challenges, series, list, recipes, linkys and giveaways.

this may have been the banner at the top of the old blog

To think, when it started I thought I'd just post some cute baby pictures from my phone, or rant on about politics.
I guess the theme of this blog is really all about the unexpected joys of having a family, and life in general. I've mostly written about my babies who are now children, the seasons, what to make for Dinner (NOW!) , and even a few post about architecture. Ultimately, I decided to start a completely separate blog for my craft and art: KLyPT ['klipt]: Craft and Art from the Edges.

My Untagged Seeds

So what have learned in 4 years, another child, a different house, at least 24" of dread locks, and 177 blog post? Well first off I've learned that (mostly) no one cares what I think, but my friends and family do actually read this from time to time. When I write post that are personal and in my most genuine voice I get the best responses from my friends who are architects, economist, poets, artist, nannies, and moms. I know many of the 'in real life' and I've met many of them thru this strange and halting media called the internet. I feel like I am a broader and more connected person because I've shared some of my life on this blog, and that is only because I've been able to engage with my readers. So, THANK YOU.

ME! The eccentric nut weirdo
What are my plans with this blog? Well having children has practically cured me of making plans, but you can expect more post, my life, and all of the pleasant  (and not so surprises) that are bound to come.  I want to write more about parenting, city life, sustainability, education, simple living and myself.. I hope to expand my readership and by extension my community. I think that I will be focusing on the more personal and opinionated post, because ultimately I'm writing because I enjoy it, I want to share. Maybe I'll prove to myself that I'm not a completely eccentric nut weirdo, but if that's the case, so be it.

I hope that this was profound enough for a whole 4 years.I live for your comments! So tell me, have you been following me for long? If I don't know you know you in real life, and haven't personally begged you to read my blog, how did you find me?  And hey, what would you like to hear more about, food, kids, arts, etc?
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