Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You still have time to make this for dinner (vegetarian): Ravioli Bake

I did not invent this recipe, but I'm sure I don't know where I found it. Its so easy and forgiving that who needs a recipe?
What you need: whatever pasta sauce you like or have. I use a whole one and half if there's one open in the fridge, a pound of still frozen ravioli, spinach (thawed) & shredded cheese.

Put it in a pan in layers

sneak in some veggies, we like spinach and mushrooms, what does your family like?

Put more cheese on top bake in 450* oven until a ravioli is cooked and it's a bit brown (about 35 - 45 mins.)

Even my son loves this one, and usually I make a little extra for lunches.  I'll admit it, its got loads of cheese, and DD's favorite "oodles in there!" It is comfort food, but every now and then that's what everyone needs.  I'd love ideas for different veggie combinations. Has anyone tried carrots or a different kind of ravioli?

Not what you have a taste for tonight?  See my other Dinner (now)  post!

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