Friday, March 4, 2011

You Still Have Time To Make This for Dinner: Salmon patties

not really a recipe but here's what I do

per 1 can of salmon (we love this so I make 2)

1/2 bell pepper & 1 small onion chopped fine (as K-dog won't eat onions that he can see). Beat 1 egg, in large bowl combine egg, chopped veggies, and salmon. You can try to get the little bones out but they have calcium and they're pretty soft anyway. add enough bread crumbs (or crushed croutons in a pinch) to be able to make little balls. Maybe a 1/2 cup. A sprinkle of old bay if you have and like it. I pan fry these in canola or safflower oil. You can make ahead and reheat in the oven, or just form the patties and put the in the fridge which will firm them up a little for frying which is helpful sometimes. I serve with a little dip 2-3 tbls. Mayo, squirt Lemon Juice, and pinch Dill.

We like rice and veggies with. This was totally a rip off from my cousin Craig T Patterson's totally slammin' Salmon patties he made for A-d Christening, since he's the Godfather and all.

Not what you have a taste for tonight?  See my other Dinner (now)  post!
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