Saturday, July 12, 2008

K. always amazes me

Every day he amazes me more and more. He was probably a bit young to start talking (but a bit late walking) and now he says so much. Everyday he uses new word and talks more clearly. Of course I'm really proud of my son, because he my son. I see him becoming more of a "big boy" and the last of his baby-ness is fading. Its not the big milestones that point this out to me, its always the nuances, and subtle differences that startles me the most. He's not as helpless, or needy as he used to be. He feed himself, and amuses himself with his imagination. His temper tantrums even tell me how he has his own wants and opinions (even if they can be inconvenient for us). I adore him so much, and he's so cute too. I love you K-dog!


Jay Palat said...

Kids are neat when you see them from a far (a niece, a nephew, a friends kid) but AMAZING as you watch them up close in your life and in theirs. We're alot closer to the beginning of this trip than you are, but still, I appreciate the wonder of it all.

Kisha said...

I didn't know you had a little one. It is a crazy ride, and it goes by so fast. Just remember you can't get it all on film, sometimes you have to just stop and look.

Thanks for reading my blog, I didn't know any one actually was!

Jay Palat said...

My daughter will be one in September, and it has gone by in a blink. Trying to enjoy every day that I can.

My favorite quote right now in regards to parenthood "The nights are long, but the years are short". It sums things up a bit too well :)

I caught your blog from Facebook and added you to my googleReader. Hope you don't mind me following :) I appreciated a few of the posts, and this one especially resonated.

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