Thursday, July 31, 2008

Black on Black Breastfeeding

So this little video inspired me. There are some videos about women breast feeding but I find that they are either women in the Third World or or First World white women. If African American women don't see themselves doing it, how can they see it as something they can do? Especially young mothers, who don't have any breastfeeding "role" models in their community. (how many times have I seen little babies with red kool-aid in their bottles). When poverty, simple food security, infant mortality, childhood obesity, and maternal mortality have such a hold on the Black community, what can I do to promote some Black on Black Breastfeeding? My friends already call me an "lactivst" but I'm inspired to make a short video of my experiences nursing my son. He's so healthy, happy and smart, and I know nursing is a big part of that. I've got to pass it on.
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