Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Politics for just a min. or "you are what you have to defend"

As it turns out we (democrats at least) are more sexist than we are racist and we (Americans) will probably turn out to be more ageist than we are racist as well. At least thats my hope but it doesn't really make me feel any better, I'm Black, also a woman, and if I'm lucky, and I don't do any thing to stupid eventually I'll be old too.

Don't get me wrong for even a minuet, I'm behind Obama wholeheartedly. And it would mean so much to my son to see someone who kinda looks like him have such a public seat of power. (There are many more, and more important seats of quiet un-elected power in this world, but that's another topic for another blog.) But I'm struck by the fact that we will not have an young white man running for President. When apparently they are the demographic that movies, tv, car, video games, magazines, cheerleaders, Wal-mart, pop music and everything else has been invented for. I'm proud of Americans for that. And disappointed that gender race and age have ANY bearing on this discussion that is supposed to be about ideas, policy, intelligence, diplomacy, integrity, dependability, vision, hope, democracy, and all that other stuff that elections are supposed to be about. Instead of weather the poor white folks will vote for a black man.

Don Cheadle on African American Lives 2 found out via genetic testing that he was in fact part native American and European American, but said it almost didn't matter to him as and African American, because in fact"you are what you have to defend." And this election is somehow bringing this fact to light. Clinton, Obama, and McCain each have their strengths and weaknesses, which largely have to nothing to gender race or age. If they are related to those descriptors it is only because these are constants in their lives and again and again they have to defend that part of who they are. Like the publication of McCain's medical records, or that Obama's former minister isn't a fan of white folks, or especially the 3 days of press coverage when Hillary Clinton cried in front of the cameras. Thats all really just fluff, it really is it has nothing to do with the price of tea in China or the price of gas on Main street. I'm not going to say that race, gender and age aren't going to be important factors in this presidential campaign. I just wish they were not, because then I could find out more about the idea the candidates have, and less about what they have to defend.

BTW Who is my grandmother supposed to vote for
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