Monday, April 14, 2008

Yes I'm still nursing

I love my mother-in-law. In fact I love my husbands' whole family. They're warm, loving, fun, open, sometimes I think that I married my husband just for his family.

Today we had RE-Easter Brunch because my mother-in-law was in the the hospital when Easter happened. So later this afternoon when I was nursing K-dog she mention that there was an show on Dr. Phil about breast feeding.

So Here it is

Yes, I'm still nursing and I plan to let K-dog lead the weaning. and No, you don't have to ask me every time you see me. and Yes I'm doing it for his own good. Dr. Phil is not going to change my mind. I'm sorry that our culture has made the most basic act of nurturing weird to you.

All other mammal nurse until the milk teeth fall out... for humans that would be 6 years old.

1 comment:

rfb said...

at least your plans don't include the adult teeth at age 12, eh?

rock on with your mammaries, my friend; i dunno if i'd have your stamina, but i can dig that we're called mammals for a reason and you and the little K-man are living proof of our evolutionary success, and/or superiority...

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